Roof Repairs

“Thank you for the quick and professional service. I will recommend your company to anyone who asks.”
- 2011 Renton Roof Repair

The old saying: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes a long way when it comes to home roof repairs.

Your roof will send you warning signs before water gets into your home. Be aware before the repair becomes an emergency situation (LHRR Consumer Service Guide).

The majority of the repairs we face are roof leaks which are highly preventable but if you have woken up to a surprise water leak, get it fixed! Water damage to your home isn’t something to procrastinate, act swiftly and get the leak stopped.

Common signs of your roof leaking inside your home are:

Ceiling stains

Bubbling walls

Pooling water

Attic moisture or wetness

LHRR Friendly Contractor Tip: Roof repairs often are a precursor to replacing your roof. If you can repair your roof and have it last a few more years, why not? Just make sure you understand the scope of work being performed on your roof. Ask questions, and get your estimate in writing.

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