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Gutter Screen Installation

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Best Gutter Screens in Redmond & Seattle Areas

While they’re often an overlooked part of the home, your gutters play an important role in protecting your roofing, siding, and foundation against water damage. Of course, debris like dirt and leaves will eventually gather in your gutters, which impacts their efficiency. Fortunately, adding gutter screens to them can help prevent clogs so your gutters can work correctly for as long as possible. 

If you want to add gutter screens to your home, our experts at Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company are here to answer your questions.

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Do You Need Gutter Screens?

Here in Washington, we get plenty of rainfall. That means your gutters must stay clear so they can move water away from your home’s exterior. If you’re tired of spending your free time on the weekends cleaning out your gutters, consider installing gutter screens to help prevent leaves and other debris from building up in the first place.

Similar to Gutter Guards, the goal of gutter screens is to provide additional protection and easier cleaning.

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Different Types of Gutter Screens

Most gutter screens are long, perforated strips made from plastic or metal. When installed on your gutters, rainwater can come in through the small holes and flow through your gutters, while debris will be too large to enter. 

When deciding which type of gutter screens to install, remember that while plastic screens are often cheaper than metal, they also tend to be less durable. Metal screens will likely last longer, so many homeowners find that they are worth the higher initial cost. 

No matter which material you choose, you should be able to find an option that complements your gutter color for a cohesive look that contributes to your overall curb appeal.

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Benefits of Gutter Screens

If you haven’t noticed any issues with your gutters, you may think there’s no need to add screens to a system that’s already “working.” However, there are several benefits of adding these screens to your existing gutter system.

  • They can help keep your gutters in better shape: When wet debris sits in your gutters for too long, it can cause them to rust and corrode over time. With gutter screens, you can help prevent this damage so your gutters last longer. 
  • They can help protect your home from damage: If your gutters start to overflow from clogs, it can lead to water damage to your foundation and unsightly stains on your siding. Help keep your home safe from water damage by installing gutter screens.
  • They can save you time: Without gutter screens, you’ll have to thoroughly clean out your gutters several times per year to keep them in good working order. While gutter screens aren’t completely maintenance-free (more on that below!) they can help lighten your workload a bit.
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How to Care for Your Gutter Screens

While gutter screens will do an excellent job of keeping large pieces of debris out of your gutters, this often means that some debris will sit on top of your screens. Wind can help clear them off, but you will have to manually clean off your gutter screens from time to time as well. 

To do this, carefully use a ladder to access them, and remove any debris that is sitting on top of your screens. You may also notice smaller items, like pine needles, are stuck in some of the holes. You will need to remove those so it’s easy for water to flow into your gutters when it rains. 

Why Choose Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company?

When you need exterior work, like a gutter screen installation, don’t settle for less than the best. Since 1985, we have been serving local homeowners like you and we’ve developed a reputation for high-quality work and fair, honest pricing. We are here to guide you through the gutter screen installation process with ease, so you feel confident that you’re making the best decision for your home. 

Gutter Screen FAQs

How long will it take to install my gutter screens?

In most cases, we can complete the installation in as little as one day, so you can start experiencing the benefits of your screens as quickly as possible. 

Do I have to replace my gutters before getting gutter screens?

No. While some homeowners prefer to get new gutters and gutter screens at the same time, we can install screens on your old gutter system if you don’t need a replacement.

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