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Gutter Replacement

Stop Ignoring You Gutters, Get Them Replaced ASAP!

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Gutter Replacement Services in Redmond, Seattle and Surrounding Areas! 

Are you guilty of ignoring your gutters? Many of the homeowners we work with don’t pay much attention to their gutters until a problem arises. If you suspect you need to schedule a gutter replacement, our team is here to help walk you through the process so the whole experience is as easy as possible. 

To learn more about our gutter replacement services or to talk to one of our gutter experts, we encourage you to call our company at 425-230-6015 or contact us online to request a free estimate for your project.

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Gutter Replacement Services

As a proud local business, we like supporting other local companies as much as possible. When you hire our team for your gutter replacement project, you help support local gutter suppliers that offer a wide variety of designs to perfectly match your home. 

Additionally, the Larry Haight Difference sets us apart, as we employ our own specialized gutter crew and we own our own gutter equipment. This allows us to work quickly and efficiently to replace your gutters or gutter screens and get out of your hair.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

If you want to avoid the risks that we outlined above, take a few moments to look at your gutters. When you notice any of the following signs, start planning your gutter replacement project:

  • Your gutters are pulling away from your roof or sagging
  • You notice areas of standing water in your gutters
  • Your gutters are starting to rust, which can lead to holes
  • Your gutters are cracked, split, or starting to separate

These gutter issues will only get worse over time, so it’s best to replace them before more serious issues develop. 

Let's protect the health of your roof

The Dangers of Ignoring Your Gutters

If you’re wondering if you can put off your gutter replacement just a bit longer, you might want to reconsider. Let’s take a closer look at the risks you face when you ignore your clogged and damaged gutters. 

Damage to your landscaping: When your gutters are clogged or no longer able to move water away from your home, there’s a chance that the overflowing water during a storm will damage your lawn, flowers, and plants. In the worst cases, this can then lead to cracks in your driveway. 

Structural damage to your home: When you ignore your clogged gutters, your home’s structural integrity is also at risk. If standing water can’t be moved through your gutter system, it can overflow and land at your home’s foundation. This can lead to a flooded basement and water damage to the wood in your home. Clogged gutters can also lead to roof damage, which may result in a full replacement. 

Pest infestations: Clogged gutters that are full of dirt and debris are a breeding ground for pests like rodents, ants, and termites. These critters see your clogged gutters as the perfect place to make a new home, and they can be hard to get rid of once they take up residence. Some of these pests carry dangerous diseases and others can damage your home, so it’s best to stop the infestations before they start.

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Only the Best Gutter Materials

Here at Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company, we believe in providing the best products to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to offer 5k-style continuous aluminum gutters, which are coated in durable enamel, and available in a wide variety of color options. Check out our project gallery to see examples of our past gutter installations.

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, long-lasting, and cost-effective, which makes them an ideal option for Redmond-area homeowners. 

Why Choose Larry Haight for Gutter Replacement Services?

Don’t risk hiring an inexperienced gutter installation company for your project. Instead, trust Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company, which has been serving local homeowners for more than 35 years. Providing high-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service is always our top priority. 

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When your gutters are starting to fail, don’t risk more serious issues by delaying your replacement project. Call us at 425-230-6015 or contact us online to get started on your home improvement project. 

Gutter Replacement FAQs

How much do new gutters cost?

It depends on the specifics of your project materials and the size of your home. Our team would be happy to give you a more accurate estimate based on your particular replacement needs. 

Can I replace my gutters myself?

In most cases, we don’t recommend a DIY gutter replacement project. Without the proper installation experience, you run the risk of installing the gutters incorrectly, which can lead to future issues. 

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