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Signs of Roof Damage

Identifying signs of roof damage in the Redmond area since 1985!

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Identifying signs of roof damage can not only help you save money, it can help you protect the structural integrity of your Redmond or Seattle area home.  At Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing, we work with our customers to completely understand the scope of any damage to their roof.  With a complete inspection, and an itemized cost estimate, our customers are empowered to decide whether it’s time for some roof repairs or a full roofing replacement.

Does your roof have…

Worn out shingles or shakes

Over time the material on your roof will split, curl and buckle. Aging material leads to failures in protecting your home from the Puget Sound weather. Rafter lines will appear when plywood begins to delaminate.

Missing Materials

Aside from making your roof look unattractive, missing roofing material creates opportunities for water to enter your home. High wind, poor material installation, and neglect weakens the strength of your roof’s shingles.

Moss Growth

Moss on your roof isn’t like having your own eco-friendly green roof. Over time, moss breaks down and compromises the integrity of roof shingles, whether they be composition or wood. Moss travels on the tiniest speck of dirt, lands on your roof and grows, grows, grows. Annual moss removal is a must on your check list in maintaining your roof.

Algae Staining

Have you noticed black stains on your roof? That is algae staining. The algae spore, like moss, takes root on your roof spreading to form black triangular shapes on your shingles. With our moist climate, algae is severe in the Puget Sound area. Remember, never power wash your roof – you can severely damage your shingles.

Algae Stains

Interior Signs of Damage

Whether in your attic, your ceilings, or your walls, you want to watch out for signs of roof damage.  Black mold, wet insulation, and ceiling stains all indicate structural damage under your roof shingles. Larry Haight Roofing technicians can help review these conditions and review how they can indicate inadequate ventilation, leaks, and structural weakness.

mold damage

Are you wondering about signs of damage on your roof?

An experienced Larry Haight professional roofer can come to your home for a free estimate.  We will take the time to explain your roof condition, and work with you to find the best solution to your situation.

We know that you want to do everything you can to find a reputable contractor to replace your roof: since 1985 we have worked hard to protect homes like yours.

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