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Synthetic Roofing

Synthetic shake roofing materials incorporate recycled materials, and are designed to resemble cedar shake roofing.

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Synthetic Roofing Installation Near Redmond, WA

If you need a new roof on your home, you have to make an important decision about which material to install. Have you considered synthetic roofing? This beautiful and durable material is popular with local homeowners for good reason and it could be the perfect option for your home as well. Below, you’ll learn about why more and more homeowners are choosing synthetic roofing for their homes. 

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What Is Synthetic Roofing?

Synthetic roofing is made of a blend of multiple materials and is designed to resemble the look of cedar shake roofing. A lightweight material, our synthetic shingles are reinforced with vinyl, so it’s better equipped to withstand our wet weather here in Washington. 

If you love the look of cedar shake shingles, but you don’t want a roof made of wood, then a synthetic roof could be perfect for your home. 

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Davinci Bella Forte Synthetic Roofing

Our Synthetic Roofing Services

We proudly offer a wide range of synthetic roofing services for local homeowners, including the following: 

  • Synthetic roof replacements: Has your synthetic roof reached the end of its lifespan? We can remove your old roofing materials and install a new synthetic roof in its place so your home is protected the next time it storms. 
  • Upgrading to a synthetic roof: Are you interested in upgrading to a more reliable roof material? No matter what type of shingles you currently have on your home, we can help you upgrade to a synthetic roof that will last for years to come.
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Synthetic Underlayment

Your roof’s underlayment is between your shingles and the roof deck and provides extra protection against water damage. Did you know that you can choose a synthetic underlayment when you replace your roof?

Compared to other types of underlayment like ones made from felt, synthetic has enhanced water resistance and offers better protection against weather extremes. Not only does synthetic underlayment repel water, but it’s also easy to install and it doesn’t tear. And, it’s designed with UV protection in mind, giving you the ultimate protection. 

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Advantages of Synthetic Roofing

As you’re planning your roof replacement project, consider the following benefits of choosing synthetic roofing for your home: 

  • It’s beautiful: Synthetic roofing is specifically designed to look like cedar shake shingles, giving it an attractive look that complements just about any home design. 
  • It’s a durable option: While wood shake tiles are gorgeous, you have to worry about rotting issues if you install them on your home. Synthetic roofing is extremely durable and requires less maintenance compared to other materials. 
  • It’s fire-resistant: Synthetic roofing is not likely to ignite in the event of a fire, offering extra protection for your home. 
  • It can withstand heavy winds: When a strong storm rolls through, a synthetic roof can hold its own against even very strong winds. 
  • It’s lightweight: Unlike some other roofing materials, synthetic roofing is lightweight, reducing strain on your home and making it easier to install. 
  • It’s an eco-friendly material: If you want to make a sustainable choice for your home, you’ll be happy to know that synthetic roofing is partially made from recyclable materials.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Roofing

Of course, just like any other roofing material, there are a few downsides to consider before deciding whether to use it for your roof replacement project: 

  • It’s a substitute, not the original: While synthetic roofing looks a lot like cedar shake shingles, it’s not quite the same as the real thing. If you really want a cedar shake roof, then you may not be completely happy with synthetic roofing. 
  • It’s not the cheapest option: If budget is your primary concern when planning your roofing project, then keep in mind that while it’s not the most expensive choice, synthetic roofing is also not the cheapest. 
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When you hire our installers, you’ll have a trustworthy contractor that always has your best interests in mind and the end result will be a beautiful, reliable roof that lasts for decades to come.

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Synthetic Roofing FAQs

Will a synthetic roof improve my home value?

In many cases, yes! A new roof often appeals to prospective buyers that are not looking for a fixer-upper. Beyond that, a new synthetic roof can also improve your curb appeal, which can further draw interest from buyers. 

How long does it take to install a synthetic roof?

The timeline for your project will depend on the size of your roof and the complexity of the installation. Due to the size and design of the roof. Our installers will give you a more accurate timeline for your project after meeting with you.

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