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Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Snohomish

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Expert Snohomish Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

When homeowners are in need of a roof repair and roof replacement in Snohomish, WA, they can trust Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company for the job. Since 1985, our expert installers have been working with local homeowners, repairing and replacing their roofs to help provide better protection against the elements.

Whether your Snohomish roof needs a few repairs or it’s time for a full replacement, the first step is to meet with our experts to talk about your needs. During this time, we’ll chat with you about the state of your current roof, answer any questions you have, and talk about the repair and replacement options available to you. We hope to have a chance to meet with you soon!

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Highly Rated Roofing Services in Snohomish, WA

We know that preparing for your roof repair or replacement project often starts with planning your budget and working with your insurance company to see if your project costs will be covered. We are proud to operate with transparency, offering free estimates so it’s easier for you to begin planning. If you’re filing an insurance claim, we can also help coordinate with your insurance company to make the whole process easier for you. 

From Mukilteo Lighthouse Park to Skip Rock Distillers and every amazing location in between, we work with homeowners throughout every square inch of Snohomish, WA, and other nearby areas. We have probably worked with someone you know over the last three decades, as we’re known to be the experts when it comes to local roofing services. 

home in Snohomish Washington with cedar shinglesRoof Repair and Roof Replacement in Snohomish, WA

Did you know that we provide roofing services to homeowners throughout King and Snohomish Counties? Beyond Snohomish, we also work with local residents in cities like Bellevue, Seattle, and Bothell. No matter which city you’re in, we’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you about your roofing needs so we can help you make the best decisions for your home. 

Until we have a chance to meet with you, take a closer look at the roofing services we offer throughout the greater Snohomish area below. 

Roof Repairs

When your roof is damaged, it’s only a matter of time before water makes its way into your home. To help prevent more extensive (and expensive) damage, hire an expert for roof repair services

In many cases, repairing your roof can help you extend the lifespan of your roof, so you can put off a full replacement for a bit longer. When you hire our experts, we’ll come out to inspect your roof and identify any areas of damage. We’ll also make note of areas that are susceptible to future damage, and make any necessary repairs to help prevent leaks. 

Roof Replacement

If your roof is old enough or exposed to extreme storms, repairs may no longer be an option. In that case, it’s time to think about replacing it. When you need a new roof, the process isn’t an easy one, which is why it’s crucial to hire an experienced contractor for the roof replacement job. 

We are here to help you choose the best replacement material for your home, answering any questions you have along the way. We specialize in installing the following materials: 

No matter what material you choose, you can feel confident that our installers are trained and experienced so you have the best possible experience. 

PVC commercial roofing company in Snohomish, WALearn About Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company

Our top priority with every project we complete is providing excellent customer service. No matter what the scope of your roofing project is, you can expect our installers to operate with professionalism, fairness, honesty, and integrity. 

We not only pride ourselves on being the best roofing company in Snohomish, but we also back it up with an excellent warranty. When we replace your roof, you’ll get a warranty on the workmanship and installation for the lifetime of your roof, even if you sell your home to a new owner. 

Weather Impacts on Roofs in Snohomish

Average temperatures in Snohomish and the Seattle area range from an average high of 77°F during the hotter months of the year to lows of 38°F during the colder months. While that means your roof is not under severe heat and freezes, unfortunately it does have to deal with rain. With an average of 39.34 inches of rain per year, your roof is at a high risk for leaks

Rain weakens shingles overtime, allowing rain to seep in and cause damage through moisture. Leaks also occur often from flashing or joint damage. If ignored, a small leak can cause water damage, mold and mildew growth, and even structural damage. 

Choosing the right roofing contractor in Snohomish saves you time and money. With the help of Larry Haight Residential Roofing Company, we install your roof correctly the first time, and have the skill to inspect your roof to prevent leaks from getting worse.

Snohomish Roofing Review

Their work was done on time and has been of the best quality. I am very very happy with their work. The crews were friendly and communicated on all parts of the job.

James Kunda

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No matter what kind of state your roof is in, Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company is here to help you navigate your project with ease. When you’re ready to schedule a roofing inspection to get a better idea of whether you need repairs or a replacement, reach out to us by calling 425-881-9771 or contact us online.

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