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Spring is a great time to take a good look at the condition of your home. If you create a routine in which you do this annually, you’ll be able to catch any issues while they’re still small and manageable. A home maintenance plan should encompass both the inside and outside of your home. Here are some important features of your home that can benefit from annual maintenance:


  • Check your Air Conditioning unit: Be sure to have your air conditioning unit tuned up by your service company annually. It will lower your energy bills and increase its longevity. Cleaning the system’s hoses will control the algae growth and move the sediment out.
  • Roof and Gutters: Debris is not your friend. Using AIR to blow off leaves, twigs and other plant material is the best method for your roof. NEVER use water, as it will decrease the integrity of the shingles on your roof. Collecting debris creates barriers, causing water to back up and potentially leak into your home. As for your gutters, getting up on a ladder and scooping out the gutter trough and making sure the downspouts are clear will ensure proper water flow for our rainy Puget Sound days.
  • Sprinklers: A quick check of the junction boxes and valves for leaks and disconnections will save money and water.
  • Soffits, Siding and Foundation: Take a walk around your home. Look up at your soffits, and inspect your vents for small holes and rotted boards. Any small hole can be an invitation for small critters to enter your home. Rotting boards can lead to expensive rot repairs. Inspect your siding for slipping or loose boards, cracks and broken pieces. Siding can be simple to replace when the repair is caught early. Look down at your foundation. Improper water diversion from your downspouts can soak the cement, causing your foundation to crack. Over time, this can be an issue.


  • Basement and Attic Spaces: When entering either space, if a waft of musty mildew smell overwhelms your senses, it may be time to inspect how your basement and/or attic are vented. These spaces are notorious for mold issues, which can lead to serious pulmonary issues.
  • Windows, Skylights and Sola Tubes: If you didn’t notice a slight breeze filtering through these areas in the winter, chances are the seals are in good condition. If so, have the seals checked for failing material. Regular cleaning both inside and out increases the life of all of these products.

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