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With the change of seasons, we shift how we use our homes.  Colder weather brings all activities indoors, so before it is too late, review the list of household chores below:

  1. Blow off your roof. Wet or frozen leafy debris on your roof isn’t detrimental to the overall health of your roof, but overtime the debris breaks down which will harm the integrity of your roof’s shingles.  Moss loves and travels from these piles, which will degrade your roof.  Plus, who wants an unsightly green roof?
  2. Clean your gutters. Make sure your gutter troughs are clean and downspouts aren’t blocked with debris.  Water can’t flow properly when these channels are full.
  3. Wrap Spigots. Remember to disconnect your hose from your outdoor spigots. Though our region may not see frozen temperatures for extended periods of time, a simple, inexpensive cove rfor your spigots from your local hardward store  can help prevent pipes from bursting.
  4. Clear Underground Sprinkler Lines. Making sure these lines are clear and water free will avoid bursts and unwanted repairs.
  5. Remove Lint. Make sure drier vents are lint free. The buildup of drier lint happens fast and should not be forgotten as this is a cause of home fires. The dryer vent is usually easily accessed and easy to remove.
  6. Check your HVAC system. You don’t want to be caught having to fix your heating system when you need it the most.  Now is the time to replace the filter, check vents and check for CO2 leaks. Make sure your CO2 monitor is operable.
  7. Look at Attic Insulation. Have a professional come out to inspect the levels of insulation in your attic spaces.  Also, make sure vents from the eaves aren’t blocked.  This will stop necessary air flow in your attic space.
  8. Check Windows and Doors. Over time the sealing around your windows and doors breaks down creating drafts.  Heating your home is expensive.  Leaks in these areas will only add to expenses unnecessarily.

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