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When your roof starts to leak, the best thing you can do to prevent further problems is to take quick action to repair the damage. However, you don’t want to only do quick fixes in the event of a leak. Instead, there are a few things you can do to add better waterproofing to your home to prevent future leaks from developing as well. 

What are the best products to use on a leaky roof? You’ve come to the right place for help. Below, you’ll learn more about the products to use in the short term as well as the steps to take to avoid future leaks from developing. As a reminder, attempting to repair your roof can be very dangerous. Don’t attempt to work on your leaky roof unless you can do it safely. 

If you need help with fixing and waterproofing your roof, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company by calling 425-881-9771 or contacting us online

Best products to use on a leaky roofWhat Are the Best Products to Use on a Leaky Roof in the Short Term?

Here are some specific products you can look for if you need to fix a leaky roof quickly before your roofing contractor is able to come out to your home: 

Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant: This comes in caulking tubes with pointed applicators, making it easy to pipe the sealant as needed. 

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber in a Can: This liquid rubber sealant provides protection against water and UV rays and is a great choice for minor repairs or smaller roofs. 

Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating: Another liquid rubber option, this comes in a spray can for easy and fast application. 

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape: This tape is available in white and black options to match the color of your roof. 

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant: Available in a large bucket, this is a water-based solution that protects against water and sunlight. 

What Are the Best Products to Use on a Leaky Roof in the Long Term?

All of the products we listed above are helpful for fixing a roof leak, but they aren’t a long-term solution for preventing future leaks and damage. The real key to taking care of your leaking roof is to use waterproofing techniques that will last. 

Install New Flashings

Roof flashing is the thin sheet material that is placed around the joints and edges of your roof. It helps to direct water away when it rains, to prevent moisture damage. When you have a leaky roof, you might be tempted to reuse your old flashing after fixing the leak, but this is never a good idea. 

Instead, you should plan to install new flashing made from a high-quality material such as: 

  • Galvanized steel
  • Rubber
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

When you work with our experts at Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing Company, we will install new flashing on your roof so you can have peace of mind that your home is protected. 

Install Waterproof Underlayment

When making repairs to a leaky roof, another important product to use is waterproof underlayment. Your roof’s underlayment is the material that lies between the shingles and the roof deck, serving as an extra layer of protection against water damage. 

When repairing the leak in your roof, we recommend using waterproof underlayment around all penetrations to help prevent future leaks from developing. When you hire our experts to fix your leak, we’ll use only the best underlayment materials to give you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Use Triple Coverage in the Valleys

Finally, we recommend using triple coverage in the valleys of your roof. A valley is any spot on your roof where two slopes meet. Valleys tend to be one of the most leak-prone areas of your roof because of the amount of water that runs through them every time it rains. 

To help prevent future leaks from developing in the valleys of your roof, we recommend using triple-coverage moisture protection when making roof repairs.

Best products to use on a leaky roof

Here to Help With All Your Roofing Needs

After reading this, you now know the answer to the question, “What are the best products to use on a leaky roof?” Regardless of the scope of your roof damage, you should rely on the help of an experienced contractor to make the necessary repairs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an inspection and request a free estimate for your roofing project. To get started, call 425-881-9771 or contact us online

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