A solid gutter system performs one basic function: directing water away from your home to prevent expensive damage.  What could be simpler, right?  To keep your gutters up to date, it’s helpful to understand the function and parts to your home’s gutter system.

If you need any repairs to your gutters, it’s helpful to know the names of all the important components. At the edge of the downward face of any roof sits a gutter trough.  The trough is fastened to a trim board, or fascia, that connects to your home’s rafters (seen in the undershot or eaves on your home).  The design of any gutter system is to capture water in the trough and direct the flow to and out of the downspout to divert water away from your home’s siding, windows, foundation, and landscaping.  Below is a photo showing the basic parts of this system.

About Gutters

The job of a home’s exterior is to protect what is inside from the elements from weather and foliage that surround our homes. The biggest offenders to a well-functioning gutter system are debris, misdirected water and wood rot. Seasonal check-ups are imperative, especially living in the Pacific Northwest where tree debris will build up and clog downspouts.  If you make it a habit to keep these channels clean and free, you’ll avoid problems and potential costly repairs.