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You likely don’t pay much attention to your roof, as long as it’s doing its job. But, if you pay attention when there’s an issue, your roof will show you signs that it’s no longer working as it should. 

To help you identify when to repair your roof, continue reading this helpful guide. In it, we outline how to know when it’s time to take action by scheduling a Redmond, WA roof replacement project. 

If you’d like to learn more about our roofing services, we’re here to answer any of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 425-881-9771 or contacting us online

It’s Actively Leaking

Home in getting repairs after when to repair your roof in Redmond, WA

Active leaks will drip water from ceiling, bath or kitchen vent, or skylight. Any penetration into the roof deck can be vulnerable to leaks. Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to repair your roof is when you find a leak and see water coming into your home. In most cases, leaks happen when there is a crack or hole in your roof and if you don’t repair it, you run the risk of more extensive water damage in your home. 

Our experts here at Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing are here to not only fix the leaks but determine the root cause of them to help prevent future leaks as well. 

A Storm Rolls Through the Area

We get our fair share of strong storms here in the Redmond, WA area, and they can take a toll on your roof. When a particularly strong storm rolls through, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected to see if there are any areas that need repairing. We have high winds and rain that will break tree branches from trees.  These branches will/can impale roof decks.

By being proactive, you can catch the earliest signs of roof damage, helping to prevent more extensive (and expensive) issues down the road. We will evaluate any repair calls to our office and issue an estimate of work and costs.

There Is Moss or Algae Growing on Your Roof

If you notice a significant amount of moss or algae growing on your shingles, it should be a warning sign that you need repairs. Moss and algae growth indicate that your roof is retaining moisture. If you allow the moss or algae to continue growing, then it’s only a matter of time before your shingles begin to rot and the damage becomes more extensive. 

You See Visible Signs of Damage on Your Shingles

Another telltale sign that you need roof repairs is when you notice your shingles are damaged. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend not climbing up to your roof, as it’s a safety risk. Fortunately, you can often notice the following signs of shingle damage from the ground:

  • Shingles that are curled at the edges
  • Patches of missing shingles
  • Broken shingles
  • Granules on the ground around your home
  • Granules in the gutters, clogged downspouts
  • Shingles that are wet or dark

At the first sign of any of these issues, schedule roof repair services before the damage worsens. 

Composite shingle roofing project from Larry Haight Residential RoofingThere Is Light Coming Into Your Attic

One of the easiest ways to tell if you need to repair your roof is by going into your attic. If you turn off the lights and notice sunlight streaming inside it, it’s a sign that you have holes in your roof that need to be replaced.

These holes not only leave your home vulnerable to water damage, but they can also make it easier for critters to make their way inside. 

The Damage Is Not Too Extensive

Finally, another sign that you need roof repairs is when the damage is fairly contained to one area of your roof. When you have more extensive damage, repairs may not be enough to take care of it. In that case, a full roof replacement is most likely a better option. We recommend have a professional inspect your roof for this part. By the end you’ll learn if it’s better to repair or replace your roof,

When to Repair Your Roof With Larry Haight’s Residential Roofing

Now that you know more about when to repair your roof in Redmond, WA, time is of the essence. Taking action quickly is the best way to prevent further damage. We service Redmond and surrounding areas such as Woodinville, Snohomish, and Seattle. If you notice any of the signs we talked about above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 425-881-9771 or contacting us online to schedule a roof inspection. 

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